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SmartDrain Is Now Available to Order!

Regardless of where you are, weather patterns are changing throughout the planet and storm events continue to intensify. Deploy SmartDrain to monitor your facility and provide alerts to potential issues before they even become one.


Coming Soon:SmartBeam

SmartBeam is a security and safety solution utilizing the power of Infrared light backed by solar power. This allows the SmartBeam to operate 24/7. SmartBeam is deployed as a pair, to secure a point to point invisible beam that will instantly notify you when someone or something crosses through the beam. An email alert will be instantly sent, and the built-in loud speaker will set off an alarm. The SmartBeam can be deployed on every roof edge on the perimeter of your building. This allows you to be notified the moment someone breaches over the side of the building. The SmartBeam can also be used for safety purposes. Deploy the SmartBeam to create a point to point “no go zone” that will set off a loud alarm any time someone crosses beyond the SmartBeam. Each SmartBeam kit contains 1 SmartBeam Transmitter, 1 SmartBeam Receiver, along with Solar Panel and Battery and integrates into the Guardian Sensor Technologies ecosystem.

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