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SmartDrain Is Now Available to Order!

Regardless of where you are, weather patterns are changing throughout the planet and storm events continue to intensify. Deploy SmartDrain to monitor your facility and provide alerts to potential issues before they even become one.


Coming Soon: SmartTag and SmartBeam

An innovative GPS geo tagging system which identifies troubled roof areas online, allowing your roofing contractor to quickly pinpoint troubled roof areas prior to arriving to site. Once engaged, SmartTag sends an immediate alert to all computers and mobile devices in your network. A couple of key strokes later, your preferred roofing contractor receives a leak identifier alert. This alert shows the approximate location and dimensions of the leak. This means less time troubleshooting! SmartTag your roof today, start saving money on your service calls, store valuable history about your roof, it’s DNA, building composition, leak history, maintenance schedules, warranty information and more!

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