Smart Tape

An innovative technology to help you actively monitor your roof

Guardian SmartTape

The Problem

Torch applied roofing materials are commonly used throughout the roofing industry. Careless use of the torch and improper fire watches/monitoring have resulted in many roof related fires causing millions dollars in damage across the globe.

The Solution

Protect your assets with Smart Tape! Smart Tape utilizes a thermal sensitive striping to provide real-time data on temperatures within the roofing assembly. Smart Tape will provide live temperature readings and alerts for a sudden rise in temperature or sustained temperature of concern.

3 Easy Steps

To Get Your Roof Actively Monitored

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3 installation


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What Are People Saying?

"Sensor Technology Inc. alerted us to the potential of severe damage to our property. We were able to stop the issue before it became critical." — J. D. White, Property Manager