An innovative technology to help you actively monitor your roof

Guardian Smart Drain

The Problem

When it rains it pours and when water is allowed to sit on a flat roof there are several problems that can occur. Roof leaks can destroy the structure, and cause major damage to the interior/exterior of your building.

The Solution

The Smart Drain Gateway ensures constant, wireless communication between you and the Smart Drain sensors located throughout your facility. The Gateway will send relevant alerts to keep you informed of any of the following potential issues on the rise:

  • Clogged drain (drain backup).
  • Excessive rooftop flooding.
  • Roof Maintenance reminders.
  • HVAC Maintenance reminders.

Receive updates on your Guardian Smart Drain system from any mobile device or PC. Log in to the Guardian platform to monitor all facilities within your portfolio from anywhere in the world.

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What Are People Saying?

"Sensor Technology Inc. alerted us to the potential of severe damage to our property. We were able to stop the issue before it became critical." — J. D. White, Property Manager