An innovative technology to help you actively monitor your roof


The Problem

You get a call that there is a roof leak at one of your building. Could you have prevented the damage that was caused? When was the last time you had scheduled maintenance on your property?

The Solution

RoofGuardian stops you from guessing, when to take action. RoofGuardian will provide you with vital information and will alert you to potential risks.

  • RoofGuardian will monitor and provide alerts to a rise in water levels to help mitigate the risk potentials.
  • RoofGuardian will provide you with a satellite image of your building and show you where the RoofGuard sensors have been placed.
  • RoofGuardian will alert you of any potential risks.
  • RoofGuardian will alert you before the storm hits – literally – you will receive an updated weather advisory.
  • RoofGuardian will send you alerts so you never miss an important event for your property. RoofGuardian will keep you reminded of roof maintenance or any other reminder you require for your building.
  • RoofGuardian is everything you need under one “roof”.

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What Are People Saying?

"Sensor Technology Inc. alerted us to the potential of severe damage to our property. We were able to stop the issue before it became critical." — J. D. White, Property Manager